John Hardy Bamboo Collection at James Free Jewelers 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is John Hardy a luxury brand?

Yes. Since 1975, John Hardy’s creations have been inspired by the deep heritage of Bali. Not only are the designs a stunning reflection of their deep-rooted culture and folklore but of the beautiful landscape as well. Inspired by these unique Asian influences, this handcrafted jewelry line for men and women has become one of the leading sustainable luxury jewelry brands in the world.

What metals are John Hardy Bamboo Collection pieces made of?

Each piece in this collection is made of Sterling Silver with some pieces featuring gemstones like Black Sapphire. 

What is special about the John Hardy Bamboo Collection?

The Bamboo Collection is part of John Hardy’s “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative, which works to restore degraded tropical forests and create sustainable economic opportunities for farmers and artisans. Every piece purchased from the Bamboo Collection plants seedlings in Indonesia on your behalf. 

Can I wear my John Hardy jewelry in the shower?

"Date" your John Hardy jewelry. You can take it out to dinner and a movie, but we suggest not wearing it to cook, clean, exercise or submerge it in water (like the pool, ocean or hot tub).