Discover Picchiotti

Picchiotti is an infamous Italian luxury jewelry designer with an impressive history. Today, he’s known as the premier Italian jeweler, producing masterful pieces of wearable art for passionate collectors. Every piece in his collection is made entirely in-house at the atelier, and his craftsmanship and eye for detail is always evident. Explore our curated selection of exceptional Picchiotti jewelry to find stunning natural diamond band rings in 18K gold. Plus, browse our entire selection of engagement rings to find more inspiration before your big day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was Picchiotti founded?

Picchiotti was founded in Valenza, Italy in 1967 by Giuseppe Picchiotti.

What materials does Picchiotti use?

Picchiotti jewelry is made of only the highest quality stones and materials including 18k gold and natural, ethically-sourced diamonds.