Trade Up & In Policy

At James Free Jewelers, We Offer A Free Lifetime Option To Upgrade.

At James Free Jewelers, we offer a free lifetime option to upgrade. If you want to trade your diamond in later, present the original receipt, and we will give you the full amount of your original purchase toward the purchase of a new diamond of greater value. If you buy a diamond today for $4,000, and want to trade it in later for a diamond that costs $4100, you pay $100.

Certified Diamonds

James Free obtains certifications from the most respected and unbiased diamond laboratories in the world, giving the consumer an objective quality report of the diamond including the color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Without the certification from an independent lab, the grading becomes merely the opinion of the salesperson. James Free Jewelers has one of the largest selections of GIA certified diamonds in the area, thus ensuring each customer is absolutely confident in the quality of their diamond.