Discover Roberto Demeglio

Roberto Demeglio, a native Italian, was born into a tradition of jewelry making that dates back to 1922. With a passion for restoration and goldsmithing, Demeglio introduced his signature “Domino” collection in 2005, showcasing high-quality materials like precious diamonds and high-tech ceramic. His exceptional craftsmanship allows each piece to twist, bend, and spin which is a testament to his innovative spirit. With a knack for creating versatile yet distinctive designs, his jewelry isn't just an adornment, but a celebration of his heritage. Explore our entire collection of Roberto Demeglio to find shimmering and colorful tennis bracelets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was Roberto Demeglio founded?

Roberto Demeglio created his own company in 1984 after decades of working closely with his family who has been involved in the jewelry industry since 1922.

What materials does Roberto Demeglio use?

Roberto Demeglio jewelry is made of only the highest quality stones and materials including 18k gold and natural, ethically-sourced diamonds.