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Tudor Watches at James Free Jewelers 

Discover your dream Tudor watch with assistance from James Free Jewelers, available for purchase online or at any of our Dayton, Ohio locations. From the moment you step into our store, our staff strives to exceed your expectations. You’ll receive a warm greeting in-store or by phone. Leave a message in our online chat, and we’ll promptly answer your questions or concerns by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tudor still owned by Rolex?

In short, yes. Historically, Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, also founded Tudor as a separate sister company, meant to market to a different demographic when Tudor was first opened. Today, both companies are owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. So, they remain sister companies to this day.

Is Tudor as good as Rolex?

Yes, like Rolex timepieces, Tudor timepieces are luxury watches. Tudor was never designed to compete with Rolex, instead, it was to offer collectors a more affordable option.

Is Tudor a luxury watch brand?

Tudor, a luxury brand in its own right, inherits the opulence of Rolex, its parent company. Crafted with precision and boasting impressive Swiss movements, Tudor watches epitomize luxury with impeccable finishes.