Marco Bicego Rings at James Free Jewelers 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Marco Bicego?

The designer himself, Marco Bicego, owns the eponymous jewelry brand. Both from Trissino, Italy, the man and the company infuse their love of rich Italian culture and history into everything they do.    

Are the materials for Marco Bicego jewelry ethically sourced?

All Marco Bicego jewelry is ethically and sustainably sourced. Diamonds and other gemstones used in Marco Bicego rings and other jewelry are purchased from legitimate sources who are not involved in conflict, according to company research and written guarantees provided by suppliers. 

Who wears Marco Bicego?

Collectors who love 18k yellow gold are drawn to Marco Bicego’s timeless pieces. Celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Rihana, and Hillary Clinton have also been spotted wearing Marco Bicego accessories. 

What is more expensive: yellow or white gold?

Oftentimes, the two metals are available at a similar price point. The price difference will largely depend on the brand and the type of accessory you’re purchasing. For example, a long pendant necklace made of 18k gold may cost slightly more than a pair of 18k white gold stud earrings—likely because the necklace is bigger and requires more of the material.