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Gucci Rings at James Free Jewelers

James Free Jewelers can help you select the men’s or women’s Gucci ring of your dreams, whether you shop online or at one of its Ohio locations. From the moment you enter James Free, our staff strives to exceed your expectations. You’ll receive a warm greeting in-store or by phone. Leave a message in our online chat, and we’ll promptly answer your questions or concerns by email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What metal are Gucci rings made of?

Gucci rings are available in fine 18K gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. You’ll also find diamonds and other gemstones incorporated into Gucci rings. 

Are Gucci rings worth it?

Gucci is one of the most famous designers in the world. Each piece of Gucci jewelry is made in Italy with the finest materials. This means a Gucci piece is more expensive but also more valuable.  

How do I know my size?

You can find your size by measuring a current ring or your finger. For the latter, measure when your hands are warm, ideally at the end of the day. You may use the sizer provided at Gucci here

Can I shower with my Gucci ring?

Yes, you can probably wear your Gucci ring in the shower, but we recommend reading the detailed instructions that came with your ring for exact guidance. Each piece of Gucci jewelry comes with suggested care information.