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Gucci Watches at James Free Jewelers

Whether you are browsing online or shopping at one of our locations in Ohio, James Free Jewelers is here to help you select the perfect Gucci watch. As an authorized retailer of Gucci jewelry, the James Free sales team has the expertise you need to ensure your purchase best fits your personality and desires. In need of assistance? Start an online chat or drop us an email, and we’ll address your concerns to your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gucci dive watches made for deep-sea diving?

While Gucci dive watches, such as the Gucci Gatto Yellow Gold Dive Watch, are water-resistant, we do not suggest deep-sea diving with a Gucci dive watch. You can wear it for snorkeling or swimming, but the pressure and lengthy exposure to water on a deep-sea dive may damage it. Read the suggested care information included with each Gucci product for more details. 

How long does Gucci’s watch warranty last?

All Gucci timepieces come with a two-year warranty, but you must register your watch on Gucci’s website using the serial number on the back of your Gucci watch.

What kind of material does Gucci use to make watch bands?

Several band types are available, so base your selection on your personal tastes. Some bands, like the Mother of Pearl Mesh Bracelet Watch, come in stainless steel. Others, like the Gucci G-Timeless watch, are available with leather bands in a variety of colors.

Can I shower with my Gucci watch?

Gucci watches are water-resistant, but we recommend reading the suggested care information included with your purchase to keep your watch safe and working properly.