Who Is Maria Tash?

Maria Tash is the leading fine jewelry and luxury piercing destination for influencers and tastemakers around the world. She has revolutionized the fine jewelry and piercing industries by creating innovative designs. With a fresh perspective that lives at the intersection of beauty, fashion and jewelry, Maria has carved a unique technique through which each client's personal style and anatomy guide a curated assortment of studs and rings, combined to best flatter the wearer. Art meets science with Maria’s approach to both design and piercing, driven largely by her desire to deliver not only a look, but a feeling of beauty to her clients. Maria Tash is now synonymous with curation and self- expression; ‘The Curated Ear’ has come to represent a franchise she has made her own.

How It All Got Started

As a small child, Maria would rummage through her mother's jewelry box, wearing all of her necklaces at once stringing them around her neck and torso. She continued her love for jewelry as she grew, sketching designs, stamping brass bracelets and eventually purchasing her own piercing gun and practicing on herself and friends.Experimenting was a huge part of her beginnings, with ads in the back of the New York Press, she would have clients come to her apartment to get piercings. In 1993, with a small amount of money from her father when he passed, Maria took the opportunity to open her first store in East Village, New York.

What We Love About Maria Tash

A designer at heart, Maria’s jewelry is defined by its quality, workmanship and innovation. 14k and 18k gold is used as the setting for all styles in her collection, and she has perfected the art of incorporating stones that appear both intricate yet delicate. The vastness and uniqueness of her line has created the widest palate of styling and curation options available for true custom fitting and unique combination styling.

Facts We Couldn't Resist Sharing

Maria Tash went international in 2016 opening her first international store in London. She now has locations in Rome, Dublin, London and Dubai. Rihanna, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence are a few of Maria Tash's celebrity cult followers. Maria Tash originally specialized in naval jewelry and expanded into body piercings and jewelry as her business grew. Her innovations include Forward Facing piercing, threaded studs, invisible set diamonds on her studs, clicker rings and True-fit navel curves. A piercing course by Fakir Musafar in San Francisco gave Maria Tash inspiration for innovative piercing.

In Honor of National Women's Month

The women that have inspired Maria Tash's life: Her mother for her strength, intelligence and independence. Self-made women, women who didn't need a husband or partner to have massive success, and especially those who managed to have a family along with that success.