Who Is Sloane Street?

Sloane Street was founded in 2014, by mother and daughter duo Frances and Charlotte Gadbois, combining their love of design and elegance to create an everyday- elegant luxury jewelry line. Made of 18k white & yellow gold, Sloane Street is loaded with one-of-a-kind stones and their signature, hand-etched texturized finish called Strié.Charlotte & Frances travel the world seeking the rarest stones and finding creative design inspiration in anything that holds an intricate beauty that could translate into timeless, elegant jewelry. Often times, Frances sketches her best designs on a napkin or scratch paper while walking through a lobby after a detail in the carpet, tapestries or architecture catches her eye. Each piece is designed to be timeless and elegant. Most importantly, a staple piece that adapts to every aspect of your ever-changing day. From yoga to date night; from the boardroom to the ballroom, Sloane Street jewelry is perfect for every occasion!

How It All Got Started

During a late night conversation, while caring for Frances' mother as she was battling her long, gut-wrenching fight with Alzheimer's, Frances and Charlotte decided they would start a business together. Frances was considering retirement after just selling her jewelry business of 15 years, one that she had started after deciding she was finished with being an interior designer. But Charlotte, a sophomore in college studying broadcast sports journalism in Paris, had other aspirations. Charlotte wanted to start, grow and run a business with her mother.After Frances' mother passed a few weeks later, Charlotte and Frances put their business plan down on a napkin during a train ride to London. They decided this business would be in honor of their loving mother and grandmother.Sloane Street is named after the fabled street in London, which boarders the aristocratic neighborhoods of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea. Known for some of the world’s best shopping, Sloane Street was a street of many firsts in their family. It was home for Frances when she first moved from the county to the city, it was the first (of many) mother-daughter girls weekends, and most importantly was the first place Frances and Charlotte went after the passing of their beloved mother, and grandmother, and where the idea of this mother-daughter collaboration took form.Sloane Street is not just a street or a place to them, it is a memory that has been turned into a physical work of art, that can be cherished, and passed on to the generations to come!

What We Love About Sloane Street

You can spot Sloane Street jewelry anywhere with its vibrant stones and unique Strié texturized finish. We love the quality, detail and wearability of their collections. Each design goes through a "wear test" to ensure the wearability before it makes it as a piece in the collection. For each test, the product is worn for weeks, every day, all day and night.We share Sloane Street's values of quality, detailed elegance, ethical sourcing and giving back. In addition to the fine quality stones, metals and techniques used in each piece, they ensure their diamonds and stones are sourced ethically and they give back to their community and to causes dear to their family.Sloane Street has chosen to be very selective when placing their jewelry in retail stores, seeking out retailers that share their same values and understand quality, luxury jewelry. James Free Jewelers is proud to be two of less than 50 retail stores that carry Sloane Street products.

Facts We Couldn't Resist Sharing

Frances' previous careers included modeling, interior design and owning another jewelry business.Charlotte was 21 years old when she and her mother launched Sloane Street in 2014.Charlotte graduated with a degree in broadcast sports journalism.Frances sold her first jewelry business and was considering retirement just days before she and Charlotte decided to start a new business together.Charlotte prefers the look of most of their jewelry pieces with just a t-shirt and jeans.Sloane Street has created three special collections for their chosen charities, they donate 100% of their profits from those collections to the chosen charity.Frances and Charlotte travel about 250 days a year for work. They are attending trunk shows, visiting their retailers and looking for the best stones and creative inspirations for their designs.

In Honor of National Women's Month

What is the advice you would give to other women looking to start their own business?

"Trust your gut. Don't be afraid to be wrong."