Mikimoto Bracelets at James Free Jewelers 

Looking for a Mikimoto bracelet to add to your own collection or to give as a gift? Our experts can help you choose the perfect piece—whether you prefer the warmth of 18k yellow gold or the brilliant shine of white gold. Plus, each Mikimoto purchase comes with a free 3-year James Free Jewelers warranty so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mikimoto pearls still valuable?

Yes, Mikimoto pearls are still valuable and continue to be valuable after purchase. In fact, depending on their condition and grade, Mikimoto pearls can increase in value over time. For example, larger AAA-grade pearls with good provenance have been known to be a high-value find at some auctions.

Is Mikimoto a luxury brand?

Yes, Mikimoto is a luxury brand known for its specialization and expertise in creating pearl jewelry from Akoya pearls. The world-renowned brand was first established in 1893.

How can you tell if Mikimoto is real?

If you’re trying to determine the authenticity of a Mikimoto bracelet or accessory, be sure to look for their trademark on the piece, which is either the outline of an oyster or an engraving of the Mikimoto name. 

Is Akoya the same as Mikimoto?

No, Akoya and Mikimoto are not synonymous. Akoya is the type of pearl that the Mikimoto brand has become famous for selling.