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Mikimoto Pearl Earrings at James Free Jewelers 

Seeking out a pair of Mikimoto Pearl Earrings, either as a gift or as a treat for yourself? At James Free, our experts are prepared to help you find the perfect match, whether you’re looking for pearl stud earrings in 18k white gold or Akoya and Blue Sapphire Ocean Drop Earrings. Whether you’re shopping online or at one of our brick and mortar locations in Ohio, we’re so glad you’ve selected us as your authorized Mikimoto retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pearl is the best kind of pearl for jewelry?

There are plenty of beautiful pearls, but Akoya pearls—the only pearls Mikimoto uses in their jewelry—are known for their luster and their perfectly round shape. 

Why do my pearls have a gritty texture?

If you notice a slightly gritty texture, don’t panic. This simply means your pearls are authentic. Imitation pearls are always slippery, while natural pearls have a texture to them. 

How do I know my Mikimoto pearls are authentic?

Be sure to look for the Mikimoto trademark on the piece, which is either the outline of an oyster or an engraving of the Mikimoto name. 

When was Mikimoto established?

Mikimoto was originally established in 1893 by founder Kokichi Mikimoto who successfully created the world’s first cultured pearls. Today, Mikimoto is known for its specialization and expertise in creating pearl jewelry, including pearl earrings.