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Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces at James Free Jewelers 

James Free Jewelers can help you select the perfect Mikimoto pearl necklace, whether you shop online or at one of its Ohio locations. From the moment you enter James Free, you are our first priority. You’ll receive a warm greeting in-store or by phone. Leave a message in our online chat, and we’ll promptly answer your questions or concerns by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pearl necklaces in style?

Unlike many other jewelry trends, pearls truly are timeless. Whether you're wearing white gold or yellow gold, their shining luster connects you with the great beauty of the past. Both a trendy and classic style, Mikimoto pearl necklaces are the perfect jewelry for any season.

What is special about Mikimoto pearls?

Mikimoto has its own proprietary grading system for their pearls, and only carries pearls with excellent luster and thick, fine quality nacre. Mikimoto's Japanese Akoya pearls are sourced from the top 5% of each yearly harvest, and then sorted into various grades.  

What is an Akoya cultured pearl?

The Akoya pearl is a saltwater cultured pearl from the Akoya oyster, which thrives in the hidden bays off the coast of Japan in the cold saltwater of the Pacific Ocean. 

Can I shower with my Mikimoto pearls?

Although Mikimoto pearls are resilient, they are delicate, so we recommend not wearing your pearls while bathing or swimming.